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Number Sense Bingo Game digital eBook - EDI3776e

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Number Sense Bingo Game digital eBook

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Number Sense Bingo Game digital eBook

Here's a great way to reinforce and test knowledge. Each game includes 50 terms with 2 or 3 clues for each. These clue cards are to be chosen randomly as you would in any bingo style game. The game organizer will read the clues for the randomly selected term. Students will use their knowledge to search their playing cards for the correct answer. 30 different playing cards are included. There is a blank space in the middle of each card. You can instruct the students to use it as a free space or you can add terms not included. Templates are provided for you to create your own clues for these additional topics. This Item consists of 1 Digital eBook only. No physical products are included.

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Grade Level: 5 - 8

Manufacturer: Educational Impressions

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